Gloria Matuszewski

Gloria Matuszewski has lived in the California Bay Area since she was a young child. She earned her bachelor’s degree in art from the University of California in Berkeley, and a teaching credential from SF State University and Graduate Studies at the JFK University in Arts and Consciousness.

Matuszewski has taught art and tai chi for several years, primarily in the Adults With Disabilities program for the Oakland Unified School District and, for the past several years in Marin County through the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and with her immediate community.

Her artwork has been featured previously with the Art in Embassies Program in Saudi Arabia and in Myanmar, formerly Burma. She has exhibited in many national shows and throughout the state of California for over 30 years. Her work is in several collections including Kaiser Hospital, Marin General Hospital, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, William F. Black Collection, and the Tempe Public Library in Arizona.

Artist Statement -

I seek to create a meditative field that brings to the viewer a sense of peace and completion. I begin by drawing a grid of half inch squares in light pencil all over the canvas or sheet of paper. I then proceed to fill in each square one at a time. In the paintings there are many many layers that need to dry in between as I work in oil paint to create the depth and variation I like, and the texture. I pay attention to each and every square, in a very ritualistic manner. The drawings are worked in similar fashion, sometimes I make up patterns along the way; all are worked in prismacolor pencil-my favorite pencil for over 30 years now. I like the quiet while I work, addressing each and every square. I liken this process to my daily tai chi practice. The form is set and my task is to simply pay attention and mindfully go through the slow moving dance, learn from and absorb the form, embrace the “chi” created, and finally, let it go, without attachment. Gloria Matuszewski 2017

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