Mercury-Free Challenge

Terra Firma Gallery is proud to be among the original supporters of the
Mercury Free Challenge 

The Challenge

With the mind-boggling technological advances we've made in networking, material sciences, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and the massive computational power of the modern age, we now have the tools to discover/create a mercury substitute that is effective, safe, affordable and adoptable by ASGM. The Mercury Free Mining Challenge is launching a global challenge to engage innovators, inventors and academics in pursuit of this goal via the HeroX platform

The HeroX mercury replacement challenge will offer a $1,000,000 prize to the team or individual that discovers an environmentally friendly, affordable means of separating crushed, finely divided gold from its ore. This new material must be environmentally safe, cost less than mercury, be readily available and acceptable to artisanal miners, be easily transported to remote locations, have fewer restrictions than mercury and be equally or more effective than the ages-old mercury/gold amalgamation process. 

We have the capability of solving one of the most pernicious health challenges the planet has ever faced.

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