Paul Terrell

I’m no stranger to the stone industry as my career spans 30-plus years working with marble, granite and limestone as a decorative stone fabricator, covering many applications for homes and commercial construction. My love of art is mostly attributed to the love my father had for making art and sculpture as well; creation is a passion he held deeply and that we shared together. It was from my experiences as a young man working in his studio that I gained a love for shaping and fabricating. I spent every moment in his studio shaping for him all that he entrusted to me. Since then, the drive and desire to be creative has been a strong part of my life. I’m at my best when I’m expressing myself through sculpting, and in unveiling the beauty that lies within the stone before me.  
My artistic style always leans towards is through abstraction that the mind is compelled to dream. Otherwise to open the eye is to see only realism. 
I want my work to lead the mind on a journey and, to see a spirit of creative interpretation. This allows us all to encounter different things based on life experiences. I will say I feel blessed coming from a family of accomplished artists. My father showed me that there can be many approaches to accomplishing a task, but finishing it is where the gratification is found. Looking back at my career as a mason and fabricator I've found that I've loved every moment of the path that I have chosen.
I hope you will find the beauty in the work of my hands. To live a fulfilled life is to find the beauty in everything we see and to seek out that which brings us joy.